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Improved Request Logs Page

Shared by Guillaume • December 20, 2023

Hi there

We've made some exciting updates to our request logs page!

You can now:
• View the list of calls you made to the stackone Unified API
• See the calls that StackOne performs under the hood to fulfill your API calls via the side panel
• Filter by account, response code, connector, source and more 🤩

You can read more about it on our dedicated guide & walkthrough.

New feature

Read and Write Custom Fields

Shared by Romain • October 05, 2023

You can now read and write to custom fields created by your customers in their own HRIS or CRM tools. This enables you to integrate seamlessly, regardless of how much customization your customers have set up.

Here are some example use-cases:

  • [HRIS] Allow your customers to filter their employees based on any attributes they have set up in their HRIS, including custom ones.
  • [ATS] Enrich candidates' profiles or applications with data sent directly to custom fields set up by your customers.

New feature

New Integration Use-cases

Shared by Romain • October 04, 2023

We have added new endpoints and expanded data models to power continuously more advanced use-cases in your products:




Marketing Automation

Feature update

StackOne Product Updates - June 2023

Shared by Guillaume • July 02, 2023

Hi there 👋,

June has been a busy month for the team. Let's dive into what's new and improved:

⚙️ Integrations & Unified API

🎉 Fresh Integrations!

We're excited to announce the addition of 5 new renowned tools to our growing list of supported integrations: HaileyHR (HRIS), BreatheHR (HRIS), HR Cloud (HRIS), Pipedrive (CRM) & Greenhouse (ATS)

And you can now see all our supported and planned integrations on our documentation!

🔀 Marketing API

Get ready for the new unified API: Marketing. It's now accessible for our early-access customers. Jump into our documentation to learn more.

Our inaugural supported integration for Marketing is Klaviyo where we've initiated support for the Template model

Other unified API improvements:

  • Refined support for company list/get/expand across HRIS integrations.
  • Upgraded enum results type to include both the common model matched value and the original value for all APIs.

🎯 Hub & End-customer experience

  • New connection guides for UKG, Workday, EmploymentHero, HR Cloud, Pinpoint, Greenhouse, Recruitee and more
  • Added credential validation in the hub for Ashby, Pinpoint, TeamTailor, BambooHR, Freshteam, Humaans & Sage
  • Added Account filtering capabilities on the request logs page and a link to the logs from the Accounts page. The request logs doc has been updated to reflect these improvements.

🚀 Performance & Developer Experience

  • Improved response time of our unified API and dashboard
  • Updated the Ruby HRIS Gem to reflect the latest API updates
  • We've published a Postman Workspace with a StackOne API collection to make it easier to test, debug and use the StackOne API(s)

💡 Other improvements / Quality of Life

  • Minor design fix for the "reset password" screen
  • Addition of account filtering on the accounts page - read more about this feature on our docs

Here's to another surely productive, innovative (and sunny!) month ahead! ☀️